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Community Service

Conant Football is going to give back to our Community

Community Service Is Beneficial Participate in the Community
The foundation of volunteerism or community service is giving back and helping others. As a result, it demonstrates the importance of lending a hand to those in need and those who are less fortunate than us. Community service is significant because it strengthens our ties to the neighborhood and makes it a better place
for all of us to live.

Service to the community increases social awareness

We have the ideal opportunity to get more involved in our community by volunteering or performing community service.  It offers a direct knowledge of the situations they are in and gets us closer to the families and individuals who are in need.

Establishing Contacts and Friendships Through Community Service
Activities we do together are the simplest method to create friends. We will be able to get to know some other volunteers in addition to aiding those who are in need. Is there really a better way to get to know our neighbors and demonstrate what we want to make our neighborhood better? 

Community Service Aids in Skill Improvement
Sometimes meeting new people and developing friends is difficult. Due to the numerous opportunities it provides to interact and collaborate with different people, volunteering may assist shy and reserved persons with this problem. As a result, it is a useful experience for developing and honing social skills in a variety of settings. However, in order to acquire knowledge and skills relevant to the workforce, students are encouraged to participate in community service. Their community activity also improves their chances of landing a job because it gives prospective employers positive references.

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Please contact us for any volunteer opportunities

We are always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


Anthony Donatucci- Wellness Department

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